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Bowl Overview DIY Riot 2017 Titus Vans Münster

Bowl Overview DIY Riot 2017

DIY Riot 2017 - Fire! (english version)

This year, we’ve once again hosted our annual DIY Riot at the parking lot bowl of Skaters Palace. We’ve held the event since 2014 and every year it gets even gnarlier! The event takes place the night before the Vainstream Rock Festival in Münster. Fans of both skateboarding and rock join us to watch the skate madness unfold. This year, we even had a surprise appearance from the Welcome Skateboards team! Luckily, the weather was on our side throughout the event.

Text and Photos: T. Gentsch

Christian Krause | Hurricane

Here in Münster, the weather can be nuts. Sometimes it’s raining one minute and the sun is shining the next. On the day of our event, it was raining around 3 in the afternoon and nobody was sure how the weather would play out. I first got to the platform on top of the bowl around 5pm and everything was dry, game on! Joscha Aicher and Max Pack had already arrived from Cologne to join the Münster locals and other bowl rats just getting started.

Check out the video from the event!

Joscha Aicher | Transfer Ollie over the channel
Timo Krone | Fs Boneless

The DIY Riot isn’t like any classic skate contest. In fact, it’s more like a skate party! There are no runs or traditional scoring. Instead, there’s a “Cash for Tricks” session and a “Best Trick” session on the burning coping section of the bowl. Absolute skate-destruction then ensues as each skater risks it all for money and fame. This year, we spiced things up with a few side events including a barrel jump and death race where skaters could earn a few extra bucks. Max Pack took the barrel jump competition by landing an insane 8 barrel hippy jump!

The barrel jump crowd was hyped!
Max Pack | 8 Barrels to Win
Joscha Aicher / Max Pack / Hendrick Herzmann
Andres Andrichok | Bs Boneless Transfer

After the barrel jump, the crowd headed back over to the DIY bowl for the death race. This year, we introduced our new professional time clock. The time clock has a large screen and a big red button placed on top of the bowl platform. Skaters must push the button, drop in and race through a cone course set up in the bowl before returning to the button to stop the clock. It took the skaters a moment to find the fastest lines but in the end it was a battle between Christian Krause and Daniel Vargas (from Welcome Skateboards). Christian and Daniel fought for every second but Daniel ended up taking the cake and adding 50 euros to his wallet. 

The professional time clock for the Death Race.
Death Race Winner Daniel Vargas
Tom Schulze | Transfer to Lipslide

After it got a little darker out, we lit up the extension section of the bowl and added some fire to the madness. The Welcome team took no prisoners and started ripping the extension coping like they were skating a little mini ramp! Again, Daniel Vargas showed out with a ridiculous backside nosegrind, literally grinding through the flames and then popping out to halfway down the quarter. His trick made for an awesome conclusion to a truly wild skate event. Thanks to everyone who came out and skated, drank and partied with us. A special thanks to Titus for hosting the event and Vans for sponsoring. See everyone next year!

Daniel Vargas | Lien Tailslide through the Flames
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