Titus Tornados

The Titus Tornados Bearings are high precision bearings which are fast, durable and available for an unbeatable price/quality relationship! These skate-tested bearings are made from high-quality chrome steel. This not only protects them from impacts, but also gives them an increased level of protection against corrosion - so you can pull off that 15er set in the middle of a flood if you feel like it!

These bearings have been extensively tested by our team riders to ensure that they provide you with the highest speed possible, even when under high stress. The Tornados are bringing a breath of fresh air to your setup - and for a fair price, too!

- 8 high-quality skateboard bearings
- outer ring and balls made from high grade GCR 15 chrome steel
- nylon holder made by DuPont in the USA
- tolerance levels: P6 after DIN 260
- increased corrosion protection